E10: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself and Dahntay Jones Must Be On Drugs!

August 16, 2017

Ezekiel Elliot should check himself before he wrecks himself in light of the 6 game suspension issued by the NFL and Dahntay Jones must be on drugs to disrespect Steph Curry with his latest statements!


E9: Stay In Yo Lane because Lavar Ball has his own😳

August 2, 2017

When is Lavar Ball going to write a check his butt can't cash?!


E8: Jerry Jones More Talent, More Tolerance

July 28, 2017

Other coaches do it, Jerry Jones is just transparent about it. Jerry Jones cares less about the Dallas Cowboys image and more about winning!


E7: We Dont Talk Anymore

July 28, 2017

Kyrie Irving isn't talking to the Cavs and despite trade request, he could be in a Cleveland uniform come training camp. LeBron James route to the Finals is even easier. And despite this years Free Agency being absolutely insane, none of it matters because Golden State owns the NBA.


E6: Kyrie Can’t Wait To Be King

July 26, 2017

For Kyrie it's not just about winning championships, it's not just about winning, he wants to be the reason his team wins! And could the Lakers make the playoffs 🤔


E5: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls Kyrie!

July 25, 2017

Kyrie Irving needs to take some advice from TLC and "stick to the rivers and the lakes that he's used to" because he can't be the focal point of a franchise and win!


E4: Blame LeBron James for Cavs offseason & don’t be surprised if Lonzo Ball is an All Star!

July 18, 2017

LeBron is too blame for the Cavs poor offseason and you'd be foolish not to think Lonzo Ball Summer League success is going to translate to the NBA. Don't be surprised if Lonzo averages a double double and becomes an All Star his 1st Year in the NBA.

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E3: Everybody Hates Lonzo Ball

July 14, 2017

Everybody Hates Lonzo


E2: McGregor has no chance against Mayweather!

July 13, 2017

Conor McGregor has the same chance of beating Floyd Mayweather as Angela & Ghost relationship working out!


E1: Should I be worried Paul George isn’t coming to LA

July 11, 2017

Should I Be Worried Paul George Isn't Coming to LA